Sasha: Village Underground

Sasha, Village Underground, Sasha at Village Underground, Mixmag Sasha, Techno blogs, House Parties London, Todd Hanlon, nwyrktodd

Sasha, Village Underground, Sasha at Village Underground, Mixmag Sasha, Techno blogs, House Parties London, Todd Hanlon, nwyrktodd

Sasha, Village Underground, Sasha at Village Underground, Mixmag Sasha, Techno blogs, House Parties London, Todd Hanlon, nwyrktodd

Definitely not what I expected. Also I’m really happy that I only paid £22 for the first round of tickets. Sasha did not even come until 1 AM, and the opening DJ’s were playing some deep house and garage stuff that didn’t move me. I was on the dance floor for hours trying to get a groove, but never got into it. The bar was moderately priced £7 for a double Gin&Tonic. It was a cute space, although they failed to have the A/C on early in the night, possibly to try and push drink sales up. Clubs are usually somewhat chatty, but I did not find anyone there to talk to. It was kind of straight as well, with all the guys tuned into their girls.

The opening artists were Robert James, Simon Baker and ThermalBear. When Sasha came on the turntables – everyone gave a cheer. He was spinning some good stuff, but not at his best. Maybe I was too tired or too drunk, as it was already 1 AM and they closed at 4. I left somewhere around 3 AM. I took a few photos, but my Samsung smartphone camera sucks. Below you can see the best of the bunch.

Sasha Live

Robert James

Simon Baker


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SoundCloud, What the Hell?

nwyrktodd, Todd Hanlon, sound cloud,

OK Soundcloud where are all the remixes I added to my blog? I can’t believe this crap. This happened once before but they said there was a technical error and it would be fixed within a few hours. Now only certain mixes appear, while others vanished. So much for listening. I would rather buy my own records, but until I’m filthy stinking rich I need to use soundcloud. I wonder if it’s a copyright issue…

Update, it’s not sound cloud, but my error. I have some advertising tracker blocking widgets on my browser. Ever since Snowden made the front page story on the NY Times, I have become determined to enjoy a private web surfing experience.

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Feelin’ the Ladytron

Ladytron, Destroy Everything You Touch, nwyrktodd

Ladytron has been performing in nightclubs for years. I’ve seen a few shows and even met (one of) them in Brooklyn. I’ve always appreciated their Electro style remixed tracks. They have a relatively new album out called Gravity The Seducer. It’s slightly psychedelic. A bit folky too… Maybe it belongs in the Indie section. There’s a lot of synths and female vocals giving it a happy repetitive looping sound. Their earlier stuff like Playgirl was at the turn of Electroclash in NYC. This was a series of festivals put out by Larry Tee, lots of club kids and local performance artists.

It’s really all about the remixed tracks for me. I could listen to them around the house, when I’m chilling out, but that is not the vibe I remember them by. Take for example the track Destroy Everything You Touch. Watch the video for the original version and listen to the remixed version. I hope Sasha plays this track at Village Underground next Friday July 26th.

Destroy Everything You Touch Original Video

Destroy Everything You Touch, Invol2ver, Sasha Remix

Gravity The Seducer (New Ladytron)

White Elephant (from Gravity the Seducer)

Playgirl (circa 2001)

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Dr. Evil’s Outdone by KILLEKILL Records

Killekill, Todd Hanlon, nwyrktodd, Berlin Techno, German Techno, Techno Blogs

It’s true. If you’re a little bored of society these videos are for you. KillEKill Records has a collection of artists to fuck your mind. The art direction in the videos is to die for, so please think twice if you’re suicidal. Take a taste from the samples below.



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Mixmag Presents Sasha: Get Tickets Now!

Mixmag, Sasha, Mixmag Presents Sasha, nwyrktodd, Todd Hanlon, Progressive House Parties, West Coast House, West Coast Trance, West Coast Trance UK, UK Trance parties, UK Sasha, Sasha London

Just bought a ticket to see Sasha at Mixmag’s House party in Shoreditch London. You can buy tickets at MIXMAG Presents: Sasha. The London DJ brings progressive house to the dancefloor for a performance on his current tour before making his way to the Eastern Electrics Festival at Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire.

Sasha’s website is at DJSASHA.COM where current events, complete discography, and current tour dates are posted. You can check out the album Invol2ver remixed on soundcloud below.

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Album Release: Marcel Fengler, Fokus

Marcel Fengler, Fokus, Berghain, Techno Blogs, Underground Techno

Marcel Fengler, German techno producer with tracks on labels like Ostgut Ton, and Berghain’s very own remix 05, releases another prodigious masterpiece. Pulsating riffs join cataclysmic reverberation in harmonious rhythm. The eleven tracks were produced over three months in his Berlin studio. His first album is full in effect with sequenced drum and synth beats, some tonal consonance, as well as an abrasive techno dissonance that brings the bells to a chiming echo.

There’s a certain feeling delivered throughout the album. Its soothes the mind with the absence of spoken words and vocals. Fokus is an endless journey in sound. Purchase both versions at

Tracks CD

01. Break Through
02. Mayria
03. The Stampede
04. Trespass
05. Distant Episode
06. Jaz
07. King Of Psi
08. Sky Pushing
09. High Falls
10. Dejavu
11. Liquid Torso

Tracks VINYL

A1 Mayria
A2 The Stampede

B1 Trespass
B2 Jaz

C1 King Of Psi
C2 Sky Pushing

D1 High Falls
D2 Dejavu
D3 Liquid Torso

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Kr!z: Token Introspective

Token Introspective, Kr!z, nwyrktodd, todd hanlon, techno releases, berghain techno,

Kr!z, Todd Hanlon, nwyrtodd, techno releases, techno remixers, techno artists, techno djs, techno blogs

After hours of digging through the latest electronica releases, Kr!z gave me what I needed. Excellent classic techno riffs, made up of drum machines and synths create an intelligent listening experience. Lately, I have been really into music that grooves. I pop the album in to find myself working comfortably within the next hour, whereas other electronica albums space me out, or house music’s vocals get me down. It has a great energy, reminding me that Techno is a sound that many people do not appreciate. It is such great music that it sparks conversation without being overpowered. You can dance to it, but chatting also works.

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Avian vs. Our Circula Sound at Berghain
in Berlin March 23, 2013

Berghain, Berlin techno club, Berghain nightclub, Todd Hanlon, nwyrktodd, Techno in Berlin
Leaving Berghain’s Dance floor

Berghain, Berlin techno club, Berghain nightclub, Todd Hanlon, nwyrktodd, Techno in Berlin
Approaching the door to Berlin’s Berghain Nightclub.

If you appreciate techno music you should make it to this club at least once in your lifetime. Berghain nightclub is a retired electric power station made of cement. The cement walls give the music a completely wet sound full of reverberation. In March when a friend and I had the chance to visit, the DJ was spinning hard trance that seemed to never skip a beat. Avian vs. Our Circula Sound on the Main dance floor. There was a constant uplifting energy to the music, despite the alcohol. We had drinks at the Panaroma Bar, where the turntablist was spinning a mash-up. I had to catch the plane back to London in the afternoon and was disappointed to leave at 10 am or later. The party was still going strong, with many people only arriving for the after-hours.

Berghain flyers March 2013

Berghain flyers March 2013

Saturday 03.23.2013 Start 24:00 Klubnacht
Berghain –
Avian vs. Our Circula Sound
SHXCXCHCXSH live avian connections & Sigha B2B OCS
Blawan R&s Truss OCS Ventress avian Henning Baer k209
Answer Code Request Ostgut Ton
Panorama Bar

Loosely Translated from German:

Saul wants to be a DJ from October from Qu underground quality Ryan Elliott Ostgut Ton Sunday: Ripperton green Margaret Dygas Perlon Stefan Goldmann macro Anja Schneider becoming difficult
UK Techno Masterclass: Avian is the label of connections and Ventress, our Circula Sound The Sigha – together they should disassemble today the Berghain neatly. Whether stark Acid tracks of Truss, rustling Dubchords of the/the/the ominous SHXCXCHCXSH, Blawans distorteter Industriehallen-Techno and a common set of Sigha and Connections: The everything today is likely the bar push up a little bit again. British and the program in the Panorama Bar: Will Saul is as a DJ, producer and Labelmacher always on the soulful side of the House-Spektrums his new studio K7 natural close-project with its numerous cooperations (singer Tikiman, Appleblim, tanner Ross etc. ) one step further toward future Soul. October we look forward in particular to the US-House-Schwergewicht DJ Qu with its bumping New Jersey vibes.

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Traktor Scratch Pro & the A10

Traktor, Scratch Pro, DJ gear, mp3 DJ gear,

In my opinion, this is the coolest turntable system on the market. Native Instruments makes a 10 channel Audio Interface with Midi timecode capability. This means DJ’s can add CD players or Vinyl turntables, plug them into the A10, and scratch using mp3s. I know this sounds unrealistic, but the package comes with 2 CDs and 2 Records, that you use in your controller, as dummies after you load the mp3. Then you Scratch with digital files. Aside from that, it comes with Traktor Sratch Pro Software, which is totally state of the art. There are tons of features, including some of the best effects, mini “decks” for remix samples, and actual visual sound waves that represent peaks, volume, and even types of drums.

The other day I connected my Korg X5D keyboard via a MidiMan, and slaved Traktor. This means it is used as a part of Ableton. So I was playing my keyboard notes, but scratching records and adding effects to the turntables. It was a little farfetched for me, but I do think it would be cool with a controller with a smaller keyboard. Also there is a way to Midi map certain keys to have certain functions. But that is really a lesson on Ableton.

You can rapidly find files with the search feature, check the BPM on the fly, rate tracks, leave notes on them, and make tons of playlists. The worst part is that iTunes purchases will not directly import into Traktor, but DJs can play iTunes tracks in Traktor via the sidebar. So I suggest Beatport. The program allows users to have up to 4 decks at one time, or 2 decks/2 Scratch “mini” remix decks.

I left NYC for grad school in London while I was in the middle of putting my studio together. At least I have something to look forward to when I get back home. I’m studying for an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Someday I hope to open up a lounge where cool peeps can make & perform music, while getting busy at the Tapas bar.

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Interview with NYC Techno legend DJ RePete

RePete, DJ RePete, High Voltage, NYC Techno DJ, NYC Techno, Techno Blog, Future Shock, Limelight DJs, Limelight Nightclub DJs, Future Shock DJs
DJ RePete

Today I received the privilege of interviewing a true NYC techno legend. RePete, former resident DJ of Friday Night’s techno party Future Shock at the Limelight Nightclub. For those of you who do not know, the Limelight was a mega club built inside an excommunicated Gothic church called the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion. Many celebrities attended the Limelight regularly as this New York City hotspot was home to uber-cool fashionistas, artists, and music aficionados. Limelight had locations in Florida, Atlanta, Chicago and London. RePete spins techno among some of the biggest names in the industry. You can check out some of his tracks on Beatport.


Q: What are some of your favorite labels?

A: Believe it or not I do not have a favorite label. I’m very picky of the music I play. I like my techno either groovy, pure or hard with a little groove to it. I try to stay away from filler tracks and it seems like there are a million filler tracks being released everyday that get lost in the shuffle. However I do have a few fillers in my arsenal.

Q: Any Favourite Tracks? (click the artists name for a sample)

A: At the moment I like Eric Sneo – Move On, Rebekah – Suicide Mind, Pfirter – Ahora, Lex Gorrie – Territory, Monix – Unit A and B, Virulent – Rooted Ep, Angel Alanis – Grano Salis (Original), Chris Page – Corpus, Justin Schumacher remix of Diaphragm.

Q: Any vocal artists you see? Or do you usually go with just the beats?

A: I do appreciate a good vocal track. I’m feeling the Depeche Mode – Soothe My Soul (Black Asteroid Remix), but my current state of mind is not into a full vocal. A verse here and there and vocal stabs are cool.

Q: What genre do you specifically do you associate with? ex. Hard trance, hard acid? Any favourites?

A: I’m normally into pure techno or hard techno. I like and respect the sound of Audio injection aka Truncate. His sound reminds me of the old Chicago techno with a modern twist. His techno has energy and has a groove to it. His sound is something I would have played back in the Limelight’s glory days.

Q: What are your favorite nightclubs to spin? What was your first gig? Next gig?

A: My first gig was when I was in the eighth grade and I decided to throw a party because my parents were on vacation. I must have had about 200 kids scattered in the basement, upstairs, and in the back yard. The house was packed out and we were rocking all night. I had two Technics SL-D2 turntables. The turntables had a sliding pitch on the side and sometimes you had to put a penny or nickel on the head to keep the turntables arm from skipping when back quing or scratching. To this day when I see an old friend they always mention that party. My favorite gig to play out is without a doubt Static after hours. Its one of those grimy after hours held in an abounded building or loft. You need to know the password and location to get into the event and if your not in the loop your shit out of luck. It reminds me of the old school club kid, Michael Alig parties. I feel that my music fits the atmosphere of a warehouse event, after hours or a festival. My next gig is June 15th with Static and its with Lex Gorrie of Sleaze Records and Unknown Territory. You can find out the location and password by looking me up on Facebook. Of course the location is secret. My favorite gig was Mayday Germany in front of 20,000 people. Me and Damon Wild performed as a group called Equinox.

Q: You produced High Voltage. It sounds like Hard Techno..?

A: It does have a hard techno feel to it. When producing I like to make my techno beefy. When producing music I try to imagine what will work on the dance floor. I like my music to be a prime peak bombs that lights the dance floor up. Kind of like a secret weapon.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use to create? Software like Ableton or Logic?

A: I use Ableton as my DAW and I’m big on adding FX to sounds and completely change the sound structure. For example: High Voltage is made up of two percussion loops chopped up and I added tons of FX to give it the acid sound. I use Maschine for my drums and when I’m ready to sound design I go straight to the Minibrute.

Todd: High Voltage sounds great! Congratulations on the new release. I was at Berghain the other day in Germany – reminds me of that place: Dark, dirty, power station.

RePete: Thanks for the complement… Berghain is the home of underground techno…

RePete’s Bio:

Peter DeMarco, professionally known as RePete, was born and raised in New York. This was where his music career started over 25 years ago. From there, RePete, become the resident deejay of his own Friday night, known worldwide as Future Shock at the Limelight NYC. Future Shock’s, reputation was known for bringing international and local talents to the Limelight.

A true legend was born when RePete broke through the barriers of techno music and brought it to the next level. He was the first to introduce techno music to the New York City nightlife and it earned him his true legendary status. The New York City club scene had exploded due to the new sound and vibe RePete introduced.

Music production was no stranger to Repete. In the 90’s, he collaborated with Damon Wild to form a group called Equinox. They earned international recognition among the techno music community. The success of Equinox earned RePete a spot at May Day in Germany. In addition to his collaboration, RePete was a success as a solo artist. Today production has landed RePete on Alex Bau’s 069 Techno with an EP called Psychological music that reached number 8 on the Beatport top 100 techno releases.

One of RePete’s biggest accomplishments throughout his career was a performance in front of 16,000 people in Dortmund, Germany called May Day. May Day is Germany’s largest annual party featuring the world’s greatest talent in electronic music. RePete has worked with various talented artists such as Josh Wink, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Audio Injection, Alex Bau, Lex Gorrie, Carl Cox, Joey Beltran, Damon Wild, Victor Calderone, Sven Vath, Moby, Prodigy, Jellybean Benitez, Charlie Low Noise, Mental Theo, Rob Gee, and Dan Bell.

All of his hard work, positive thinking and talent made DJ RePete a true legend. He has brought life to sound and stimulated people in clubs and raves worldwide. He has set his sights on achieving new goals with the music of today and tomorrow.

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